• Senior graphic designer

  • Host the project and control the overall progress of the project;
    Project proposal and post-design training and guidance;
    Independent research and development to improve design ideas;
    Personal, creative, and eager to accept challenges;
    Ability to control system design and grasp brand context;
    Elites who are comfortable with multi-platform workspaces (those with experience in wine design are preferred)
  • Graphic Designer

  • Be proficient in and skillfully operate various graphic design software;
    Have basic art skills and good conceptual skills, and be able to grasp visual colors well;
    Have strong creative ability and active design thinking, have good aesthetics, and be able to complete design work independently;
    Excellent customer service awareness, paying attention to customer needs, and being able to provide customers with constructive professional advice;
    Creative and capable of execution, with a sense of responsibility and strong expressive skills;
  • Advertising planning

  • Responsible for developing and following up new customers, providing quotations, drafting contracts, signing contracts, and project proposals;
    Responsible for building the project team, organizing project meetings, and formulating work plans for each stage;
    Responsible for solving problems that arise during cooperation and providing timely feedback to customers;
    Excellent advertising copywriting skills; proficient in writing execution plans and able to plan plans independently;
    Possess strategic thinking and strong communication skills;
    Have a very sensitive touch and feel for advertising creativity;
  • Art Director

  • More than two years of work experience;
    above Bachelor degree;
    Have good brand control and design capabilities;
    Have team awareness and be able to collaborate on design cases;
Please send your resume and recent works to email:okfabo@vip.sina.com
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